Rob Fischer


A Scoop Above the Rest


This campaign received a Judge’s Choice and gold ADDY award at the 2019 AAF American Advertising Awards.

My advertising capstone assignment was to develop a campaign for Ben & Jerry's with a main objective of developing top of mind awareness with millennials. The campaign my capstone group developed focused on portraying Ben & Jerry's as taking the gold medal in every aspect of competition - with advertising that would run during the Summer Olympics.


Each execution I created focused on showing a pint of Ben & Jerry's dominating the competition, in categories such as CSR, flavor, and ingredients. The combination of this imagery with striking headlines work together to instill in the minds of the target audience that Ben & Jerry's is the best and only option when purchasing ice cream.

In addition to top of mind awareness, the campaign needed to also tie in Ben & Jerry's dedication to social responsibility. A print ad was created to address this, with copy that explained the specific issues that Ben & Jerry's is committed to. The headline and copy both continue to tie in with the Olympic theme, while also addressing corporate social responsibility. 


As a culmination of the entire campaign, I created a 30-second TV spot that would run alongside the opening ceremony of the 2020 Summer Olympics, ensuring 27+ million views. The spot would feature each outdoor and print ad, while adding additional competitive scenes. This commercial would wrap up the campaign, while ensuring top of mind awareness with the target audience.


To cap off this capstone project, I was tasked with designing our plans book for presentation, as well as our group's "agency" logo. We settled on the name Nine Scoops, which was the basis for our logo and plans book. I wanted to ensure that both our plans book and logo reflected the essence of our campaign, while highlighting each team member's executions and contributions.